What is GeoPothecary?
  • GeoPothecary is a family-friendly alchemy role-playing game that will take you on real-world adventures!

  • Collect mythics, resources, and tools by visiting real world places, like parks, zoos, farms, and many more!

  • Cast spells on your friends. Enhance your abilities. Send mythics on quests.

  • Combine resources to make potions, protections, tinctures, and lots more!

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Subscribers' Benefits

GeoPothecary subscribers get piles of benefits. Become a subscriber, you will become a massive part of the adventure building!

  • Community access

  • Voting rights on new features

  • Ambassador opportunities

  • Early adoptions perks

  • Beta testing access

  • Discounts on products

  • Increased in-game abilities

  • Access to giveaways

  • Updates on game development

  • Supporter badge on profile

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